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4 | Overdrive | February 2019 V O I C E S Readers responded in large numbers to news of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's new policy intend- ed to provide greater state-to-state uniformity for officers as they interact with the drivers of parked trucks. at policy, introduced in Novem- ber: Not to wake off-duty truckers to conduct a random inspection. Responses ranged from exasperated positivity – "About time," said many readers at Overdrive's Facebook page – to "I hope they get the memo" identifications of specific problem jurisdictions. One area that seemed to go un- clarified in CVSA's new policy was an issue that's been identified through the years by team operators — officers requiring sleeping off-duty drivers in the bunk to be woken up for ID checks and other issues when clearly there's no need. Such an incident precipitated what resulted in an ob- struction case against trucker Kenny Capell in 2015 in Georgia, though it ultimately was thrown out. Noted Timothy S. Earp, com- menting at the Facebook page, "ere needs to be something said about waking a team driver as well. If you are not going to out-of-service the current driver, you have no business talking to the one in the sleeper." Asked for clarification, CVSA Executive Director Collin Mooney emphasized the policy is "to not wake up any drivers. As far as a co-driv- er needing to be woken up — it's not something that we encourage, because it defeats the purpose at that point of the driver getting their rest. With electronic logging devices, [in- spectors] should have access to that information without having to wake up the driver anyway." Mooney, to a degree, and some readers expressed surprise that there was even a need for the new policy. "I've never had this happen, didn't know this was even an issue," said Mi- chael Bordeleau. Yet many others felt otherwise. "Tell that to Indiana working both sides of the new truck parking lots on I-80 east and west," wrote Scott Bowman. Matt Kallem: Southern Ohio, too. Guy Palmer noted that "back in the day, I was woken up a lot of times A welcome policy: Don't wake up drivers Readers pointed to certain jurisdictions that might need more than just a policy change to carry out a directive to refrain from waking off-duty drivers for a random inspection. "That would be called 'common sense,' "commented Buddy Wenners. "But we know some inspectors don't always have that." Max Heine

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