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12 | Overdrive | April 2019 North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was treated to a second meeting with President Trump in February. Amid the summit, held Feb. 27-28 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the largest share of Overdrive reader respondents to a poll seemed to endorse a long game in dealings with the nuclear-armed country. Almost four in 10 saw relation- ship-building between Kim and Trump as a worthy goal and the necessary principal focus of the meeting. Another 29 percent, furthermore, suggested a nuclear-armed North Korea was simply unacceptable and that full disarmament should be the United States' goal. Talks collapsed as North Korea sought an end to some sanctions imposed by the interna- tional community. Eddie Karwaski started Apple House Trucking in 1963, buying a house in Moosic, Pennsylvania, from a man who had a produce stand in Scranton. Hence the "apple house" name, says Karwaski's daughter, Maureen Rebar. She and her two brothers, who were part of the trucking business in later years, imagined their father "would be sitting in the office in his chair at 82 years old, still bossing people around." Karwaski died Feb. 26, 2018. He was 82. At Apple House's height in the early 1990s, the company ran 52 trucks. Rebar's memory of her father's time at the reins of the business are of a man fully in control. But he also was generous to his company's drivers, according to trucker Beth Howells, who along with her husband trucked for Karwaski and Apple House for many years. Karwaski "took tons of us to opening day at Daytona every year, paid for meals and motels" — and seats. "Good ones, too." Search Karwaski's name at Over- driveOnline.com to read more about him and Apple House, which closed as the recession took hold in 2007. What should be President Trump's priority in North Korea negotiations? Nuclear disarmament, period 29% Nuclear program containment 9% Relationship-building for further talks 38% Other/I don't know 2% Voicing disapproval of North Korea's human-rights record 4% No concessions without improvement in citizens' individual liberties 7% Talks only legitimize the regime, should not be happening 11% NUCLEAR THREAT NUCLEAR THREAT HOT BUTTONS Recalling a firm but generous small-fleet boss Readers voice mixed views on North Korean nukes Flatbedders, when's the last time you shared a securement tip with a four-wheeler? Joseph Stelzer's vid- eo indicates there might be a need for it. Stelzer was on the Benicia-Marti- nez Bridge in the Bay Area of North- ern California in December when, as captured by his dashcam, a pickup making its way by him gave up its cargo. As Stelzer put it simply: "I was almost hit by a ying mattress." Find Stelzer's video, or share you own, via Overdrive's Dashcam Central: Over- driveOnline.com/dashcamcentral. WHEN AERODYNAMICS TRUMP SECUREMENT Overdrive's Tractor of the Month for the March 1979 issue was this '79 KW and reefer trailer of Edward "Whitey" Karwaski's Scranton, Pennsylvania-area- based Apple House Trucking. Apple House was pro led as"Small Fleetof the Month" in a 1981 issue.

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