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10 | Overdrive | May 2019 Visit Senior Editor Todd Dills' CHANNEL 19 BLOG at OverdriveOnline.com/channel19 Write him at tdills@randallreilly.com Twitter: @channel19todd As the California Air Resources Board's State- wide Truck and Bus Rule mandated phasing out pre-2007 emis- sions-speci cation engines years back, the Proposition 1B grant program o ered some in- state truckers a deal. If an owner turned in a soon-to-be-noncompliant rig to a CARB-approved dismantler, he would receive grants to purchase a compliant truck. A heavy-haul owner-operator with three trucks in the Central Valley didn't want to sacri ce the 1996-model Kenworth he'd entered in the 1B program in 2015. A er all, it had nothing wrong with it. But he did in exchange for $50,000 to put toward a replacement truck. " at up-front sounds reasonable if you're in the position" of being es- sentially forced to do it, and without a local market to sell the unit, says the former owner, who declined to be identi ed for publication. CARB requires certi ed disman- tlers to puncture the engine block to render it useless, to sever vehicle frame rails and to document the en- tire process with pictures to be led, in this owner's case, with the San Joaquin Valley Air District. You can imagine the owner's sur- prise, however, when he later noticed position reports from an old GPS unit that had remained with the truck when he turned it in to the disman- tler. e hardwired GPS, more or less forgotten, was tracking the truck in Jalisco, Mexico. Position reports from Mexico continued to be sent his way until last year. It's impossible to say what engine ended up in the KW, though it likely didn't meet the 2010 EPA emissions speci cation that CARB rules hope for in replacement programs. For the truck's former owner, the truck-emis- sions Whack-A-Mole "seems like a failure in our state's embarrassing e ort to ensure clean air." Read more detail of this case in the March 18 post on the Channel 19 blog. His CARB-dismantled truck is now hauling in Mexico ough it's lost some of its luster now that mandated electronic logging de- vices are putting more value on plan- ning loads for maximizing e ciency, this scheduling hack from indepen- dent Chad Boblett is simple enough. It hinges on an old cliché: e best things come to those who wait. Contemporary load boards are a treasure trove of information, Boblett knows. In any area where you know you're going to be empty, two metrics in particular are helpful. Both are readily available via the major load boards, Truckstop.com or DAT: load- to-posted-truck ratio (the higher the better) and the ratio of outbound to inbound loads (a ratio of more than one indicates a likely demand in your favor — again, the higher the better). Depending on the platform you're using, the latter may take some work to narrow it to your trailer type. If both measurements indicate an especially hot market for your services, combine that with what you know about freight volumes in that area, available via the load boards and the wisdom of your experience. If freight is especially plentiful, rather than do a lot of legwork to schedule a load before you're empty, wait for 3 o'clock local time. " at's when you can name your rate," Boblett says, as brokers get ner- vous about covering a load at the end of the day. "If you're the only truck le in a truck stop parking lot and it gets to 3 o'clock, you're going to be able to name your rate." In the weekly cycle, Wednesday seems optimal for the hustle, Boblett says, since most of three days in a typical broker's week have passed without the load being covered. THE SPOT MARKET 3 O'CLOCK HUSTLE Hear Chad Boblett lay out the 3 o'clock hustle and how it's changing in the post-ELD era via an Overdrive Radio podcast edition from the Mid-America Trucking Show in March: OverdriveOnline.com/overdrive-radio.

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