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4 | Overdrive | May 2019 V O I C E S is poll question conjures up a not- so-long-ago era, when it was hardly unusual for drivers to cave in to pres- sure from a shipper/receiver, broker or carrier to violate hours of service regulations. e pressure presumably has lessened over time, especially since the advent of intense oversight via the electronic logging device mandate. Yet about half of readers claim that since December 2017, when the man- date came down, external pressure to violate hours regulations has risen. If that's even remotely accurate, it represents another hoped-for result of mandated ELDs that's yet to materi- alize. e hope was that increased co- operation among supply chain parties could boost a "we're-in-this-together" sense that could relieve truckers' pres- sure to violate hours regulations. While hours violations recorded during inspections are way down since the mandate for obvious rea- sons, the violations that do occur are discovered much more easily by a capable inspector. us you'd expect the poll to show more drivers report- ing a decrease in external pressures to violate. Granted, trashing anything to do with ELDs is something of a pas- time for many owner-operators, and online polling is by no means a scienti c sampling. But still: Almost half of readers are experiencing more pressure, and only 5 percent are expe- riencing less? Perhaps the pressure is a direct result of truckers' increased risk of getting caught. Drivers now have good reason to push back against unreasonable schedule expectations. is, in turn, gets met with one of those "equal and opposite reactions" described in Newton's ird Law of Motion. Not everyone agrees on the source of added pressures, as M.R. Phillips commented under the poll: " e pressure I feel from the ELD is not from management. e pressure I feel is from me, the driver." Paul Bazyldo underscored this with his comment under the poll: "I have long-term relationships with the brokers and customers I deal with. ey know better than to even ask me to run something against the HOS regulations. In fact, most even insist that I don't run in violation. ey know if something were to happen, they too could face legal repercus- sion. We have a mutual respect for each other." Increased pressure, Bazyldo and others noted, isn't coming so much from speci c sources as it is from the system at large as it wrestles with Tracing post-ELD pressure to cheat V O I C E S Since the ELD mandate, have you felt pressured by carriers, brokers or shippers to violate hours regulations more or less often? OverdriveOnline.com poll More often 48% Less often 5% About the same amount 19% I never feel pressure to violate the regs 26% Not sure 2%

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