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36 | Overdrive | June 2019 Parks HP2000 Xtreme Parks' HP2000 Xtreme has a rein- forced frame and weather-sealed lid to handle extreme tem- peratures and rough conditions. The unit's high-efficiency heatNpump system and alternator/inverter combination are engineered to provide 20,000 Btu cooling and 20,000 Btu heating with minimal componentry. The lightweight low-mainte- nance unit has no generator head, and its electric-start two-cylinder Kohler diesel engine can run at a low 1,800 rpm for smooth, quiet 65-decibel operation and added fuel economy. Control systems include calendar start, coolant temperature and low-battery start, as well as auto heating and cooling. A plug-and-play cabling system and an internal condenser help facilitate quick installation. hp2000apu.com Carrier ComfortPro Carrier's ComfortPro electric APU is designed to provide quiet emissions- free cooling with a long run time facilitated by four Group 31 absorbent glass mat batteries charged by the truck's alternator. The APU provides 7,500 Btu cool- ing for up to 11 hours. The unit locates the refrigerant compressor outside the cab, which contributes to quiet operation, and offers options to expand capabilities for heating, power for hotel loads, shorepower connectiv- ity and truck engine preheating. With no engine-related maintenance concerns such as oil, fuel or air filter chang- es, less service is needed. trucktrailer.carrier.com SPOTLIGHT AUXILIARY POWER UNITS BY DEAN SMALLWOOD Bergstrom Nite Phoenix Bergstrom's Nite Phoenix no-idle system has a large compressor, an LCD digital user interface and a battery monitoring system. The unit includes a 110-pound lithium-ion battery, onboard ser- vice diagnostics, automatic temperature control and a check-filter function. The company's Tundra inverter and shorepower kit, which offers shorepower and hotel load capabilities for the Nite system, includes an extension cord and a switching box that auto- matically detects 110-volt AC power and provides the vehicle with AC and 12-volt DC power. bergstrominc.com Idle Free Series 5000 Phillips & Temro's Idle Free Series 5000 electric APU is a high-capacity-cooling electric unit with a compressor and a wall-mounted evapora- tor engineered to deliver more than 300 CFM of airflow and maintain an average cabin temperature of 68 degrees in an ambient temperature of more than 100 degrees. The slim low-profile APU contains a compressor and a condenser that mounts to the back of the cab, preserving frame rail and under- bunk space. The company's Automatic Start-Stop technology starts the engine when the APU's batteries need charging. phillipsandtemro.com

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