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42 | Overdrive | July 2019 DRY VANS: STRONGER AND LIGHTER GREAT DANE GREATDANE.COM CHAMPION CL LENGTH: 53 ft. WIDTH:102.36 in. HEIGHT:13 ft. 6 in. SIDES: 0.83-in. or 1.25-in. logistics posts on 24-in. centers; 0.05-in. pre- painted flat aluminum side sheets ROOF: 0.04-in. aluminum sheet with bows on 24-in. centers REAR DOORS: 0.5-in. composite swing; dual-seal gaskets; white galvanized steel cover sheet; rear rollup doors optional FLOOR: 1.38-in. laminated hardwood CROSSMEMBER: Front, steel hat type; bay and upper running gear areas, 4-in.-deep steel I-beams on 12-in. centers SUSPENSION:Hendrickson Ultraa-K sliding air ride with 49-in. axle spacing ANTILOCK BRAKES:Wabco 2S/1M Easy Stop BRAKES: 16.5-by-7-in. drums with S-cam brakes HYUNDAI TRANSLEAD TRANSLEAD.COM HT COMPOSITE/XT LENGTH: 53 ft. WIDTH:102.36 in. HEIGHT: 13 ft. 6 in. SIDES: 0.25-in. composite panel with prepainted high-tensile galvanized steel inner and outer sheets ROOF:One-piece 0.04-in. full-width aluminum sheet, tension-leveled prior to installation REAR FRAME: Hot-dipped 0.375-in. galvanized steel construction with low-profile header, tube-shaped posts; forged steel angle iron in top corners for rack resistance CROSSMEMBER: 4-in.-deep hot-rolled steel I-beam, 80,000-psi yield strength, on 12-in. centers SUSPENSION: Hendrickson air ride ANTILOCK BRAKES: Two-sensor/one- modulator valve 2S/1M system BRAKES: Nonasbestos lining, 16.5-by-7-in. quick-change type; S cam-operated automatic slack adjuster O ver the years, designers have added extra strength to dry vans in areas that needed beefing up and replaced heavier components with equally strong but lighter materials. The result has been significantly better trailers that can carry specific loads without fatiguing certain design elements. Structural integrity has been enhanced because of more accurate methods in determining where stress loads are the highest. Improved design tools can better analyze the properties of the materials used on the assembly line. Trailer manufacturers also have reduced weight and increased load capacity by using composite floors. Composite panels used as side, front and rear door materials maximize interior dimensions while providing a snag-free surface. Thinwall designs also provide added cube capacity. Many buyers also spec anti-snag roof bows that are less likely to dam- age cubed-out cargo while it's being loaded. To improve durability and reduce maintenance, trailer manufac- turers have engineered alternatives to traditional plywood liners. Following is a sample of trailers and their specs from six manufac- turers. For other models and more detailed specs, visit the manufactur- ers' websites. STOUGHTON STOUGHTONTRAILERS.COM Z-PLATE LENGTH: 53 ft. WIDTH:102 in. INSIDE WIDTH: 101 in. SIDES:Prepainted white aluminum panels, splice plates riveted with 0.25-in.-diameter aluminum rivets on 1.5-in. centers; 14-gauge galva- nized steel inner splice plates with 6 in. on center vertical A-slots ROOF: 0.04-in. one-piece aluminum sheet pretensioned against galva- nized steel bows, 24 in. on center, crowned and fastened to top rail REAR DOORS:0.5-in. composite panel swing rear doors with dual durometer gaskets FLOOR: 1.375-in. laminated oak; three screws per board, staggered CROSSMEMBER: 4-in. I-beam on 12-in. center SUSPENSION: Rigid trailing arm-style air suspension with EZ-align axle alignment system and external dock lock BY DEAN SMALLWOOD

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