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8 | Overdrive | January 2020 Visit Senior Editor Todd Dills' CHANNEL 19 BLOG at OverdriveOnline.com/channel19 Write him at tdills@randallreilly.com Twitter: @channel19todd e National Association of Small Trucking Companies' Quality Plus Network fuel program has drawn the independents like flies to honey. Per-gallon discounts in the program can make up the annual membership fee in some cases in under a month. Another value-add of NASTC membership, however, is less known — NASTC's Management & Safety Program. MSP is intended to help a carrier of any size "button up the business," of a fashion. Its thorough documentation of driver training is something you can use to effect should lawyers come cherry-picking an adverse conclusion to an accident in civil litigation, alleg- ing negligent safety emphasis. At the very least, it can arm your insurance company as it fights outsized claims. Among NASTC's 2019 drivers of the year, Chippewa Falls, Wiscon- sin-based independent Daniel Ma- vis, in a team with his wife, Pamela, has been under the MSP since they joined NASTC, as with so many other independents initially attracted by the fuel savings. Daniel says they pay $32 per driver monthly. Pamela points to MSP's utility, particularly when auditors want to see driver files. "It's your safety plan," she says, providing what NASTC head David Owen calls "evidence that the company owner really cares about safety." at includes: routine- ly conducted driver-safety meet- ings, dynamic Compliance, Safety, Accountability and motor vehicle record score monitoring and more — all of which also helps fight off ambulance chasers. Owen sees even more poten- tial utility. He wants to be able to make the correlation between the 4,000-truck-strong group participat- ing in the MSP "and your insurance premium, your CSA scores, [being on the] 'A list' with a shipper, being able to hire million-mile drivers knocking on your door" to get in. If the insurance connection takes shape, the lower premiums could well be a powerful draw for small fleets and one-truck independents. Read more about the MSP via the Nov. 19 post on the Channel 19 blog. Bear witness to the remarkable speci- men of this tank doubles-pulling 1970 Kenworth W925 narrow nose. It's the principal workhorse in the busi- ness of Evanston, Wyoming-based independent Martin Herman, who's worked on the rig for much of the last decade. e second half of last year marked his return to trucking full time aer years teaching auto shop at a high school and trucking only in the summers. Otherwise, he's logged 25 years of hauling. Herman purchased the truck as a relic of a daycab from a friend. Among much obvious exterior work and the addition of the coffin sleeper, it's under the hood where its most interesting secrets lie. Herman worked with Utah-based Gillett Diesel for custom pieces to transform the Big Cam 400 Cummins into something better resembling the later Cummins N14, including its turbo. "It's kind of a Frankenstein," he says. "I'm pulling with 550 Cats all day long, grossing about 110,000, 113,000 pounds. All my friends call it an 'N13- and-a-half.' " It originally had a 5-and- 4 transmission, swapped in favor of a 13-speed today. He's put 50,000 miles on it since going out June 1. Find before/aer and other detail photos in the Nov. 27 Channel 19 post. A 'Frankenstein' Cummins handles old KW's big loads 'SAFETY PLAN' ALSO HELPS FIGHT OFF AMBULANCE CHASERS Daniel and Pamela Mavis Todd Dills Power steering in this 1970 KW narrow nose, owner Martin Herman's long-ongoing custom project? "Arm-strong" is how Herman described it. "It's great rolling down the road," though "not as friendly jock- eying around a lot." Attributes inside: a 24-inch flat-screen TV to accompany the 36-inch coffin sleeper, a high-powered stereo system, a diesel-fired heater and a stripe design Herman fashioned himself as an amalgam of two KW classics. Courtesy of Martin Herman

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