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6 | Overdrive | September 2020 Texas-headquartered radio legend Bill Mack's prominence in the trucking community for decades from the 1970s on perhaps cannot be over- stated. Yet reader Maria Arnold, responding to news of the broadcast- er's passing atOverdrive's Facebook page, lamented the increasingly short memories of many in our go-go-go culture. "Only the old-school know who he is," Arnold said. As if in pre-emptive answer, Wil- liam C. Karcher had posted: "Never heard of him. " But owner-operators who knew Mack's history well were much more prevalent in commentary that under- scored what Mack, who passed at 91 from COVID-19, meant for many. " e Midnight Cowboy rides to heaven," wrote Dan Copenhaver. "Rest well, sir. You are an honorable man. Sadly missed." Charles Cameron, commenting under the expanded online version of Overdrive's Editorial Director Max Heine's remembrance of Mack (see p. 4), shared his experience of Mack's ability to put the mind at ease in the face of what might be some anxi- ety-inducing scenario on the road. "I was listening to this man when I made my very rst all-night run," Cameron wrote. "I was 19 and going to California with chemicals from Texas, and I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, but by 2 in the morning with Mack talking to me through the speakers, I felt like an old pro." Greg Ramey: "Many times he kept me company while I was rolling." Owner-operator and longtime Fort Worth, Texas, resident Bill Ater re- called the magic of AM radio "back in the day," when "late at night, I could pick him up all the way up near the Canadian border in Montana. Com- ing to you from high atop broadcast hill." Mack broadcasted at the time from Ater's hometown. John P. Stephens foreground- ed another of the bene ts of Mack's engaging approach. "I looked forward to listening to him every night," Stephens said. "It does get lonely at night. He probably held safe many from falling asleep and getting in a wreck." Ralph Hudson, a 43-year trucker who never met Mack in person, sur- mises the D.J. might well have been "my best friend." Finally, added Cameron, "Rest in peace, Mr. Mack." "Kept me awake many nights," said Richard Wilkerson, responding via Overdrive's Facebook page to the July 31 passing of trucking radio's "Midnight Cowboy" Bill Mack (pictured). Radio legend lives on in memories e World Health Organization was founded in the wake of World War II, following formation of the United Nations — the United States playing a large part in both e orts. A er President Trump o cially began to pull the United States out of WHO in the wake of accusations of mismanagement and ine ectiveness as COVID-19 began its spread in China, two-thirds of readers signaled support for Trump's move. Providing health information and coordinating global pandemic response are key elements of WHO's mission. One reader, commenting as "Shadow," re ected a prevailing view that COVID-19's spread out of China represented an epic failure by the agency. "If WHO had let the world know when they rst found out" about the novel coronavirus, "all travel to and from China could have been stopped" and the virus e ective- ly contained, he believed. e record shows Chinese author- ities alerted WHO and other nations about the situation only well a er initial cases were identi ed, in some views purposefully downplaying the disease's threat. A minority of readers see this reality as key to the reason the virus spread rapidly around the world, also underscoring a reason for the United States to remain an in uential part of WHO and a leading force in ghting contagion worldwide. "Why should we pull out" of WHO? asked Bill Gordon. "We helped build it. I just think it's stupid, and it shows we're not leaders in this." HOT BUTTONS Majority favors U.S. exit from WHO Should the U.S. pull out of the World Health Organization? Source: OverdriveOnline.com poll Yes 67% No 24% I have no idea 3% Not sure, generally 3% Not sure, particularly given coordination needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic 3% COVID-19

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