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18 | Overdrive April 2018 Logbook 1-800 GET HOWES (438-4693) • www.howeslube.com From the trusted makers of Howes Diesel Treat, the nation's #1 selling Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel. Howes Vehicle Organizer when you purchase 2 gallons of Howes Oil Enhancer. Visit www.howeslube.com or call 1-800 GET HOWES Offer ends: 3/31/18, available while supplies last. Howes Vehicle Organizer TURN BACK THE CLOCK! Howes Oil Enhancer makes your engine run like new. The superior fluid technology works around the clock to extend the life of your engine. Prevent thermal breakdown, lower operating temperature, and stretch out the time between oil changes with every bottle. It works like clockwork … in reverse. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K HowesOverdrive_HalfPageIsland_W17_OE.pdf 1 11/2/17 12:04 PM Untitled-3 1 11/13/17 11:38 AM Following a court's dismissal of the case in January, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has led a motion for the .S. ighth Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear its argument that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration illegally altered sleep apnea screening guide- lines for truck driers. OOIDA and its legal team claim OOIDA wants rehearing of apnea case CSA iolated a congressional statute set in 2013 that blocked the agency from using guidance to regulate sleep apnea screening and treatment of truck oper- ators. he law reuired CSA to use the rulemaking process, including a public notice and comment period, to make any changes to sleep apnea screening procedures. IA says CSA io- lated that statute in 2015 when it tacked a sleep apnea-related provision onto a broader rule that changed the forms used by medical examiners conducting .S. epartment of ranspor- tation physicals. he rule also reuired examiners to upload results of physicals to CSA within hours. CSA disagrees with OOIDA's assertions, saying the sleep apnea provision within the rule did not "substantively change" the agency's pro- cedures regarding examiner referrals for in-lab sleep apnea testing said attorney Sushma Soni during oral ar- guments last November before the ighth Circuit court. – James Jaillet Decisions to refer drivers for in-lab sleep apnea testing currently are left to the discretion of medical examiners. im Allen trucking.com THE INTERNATIONAL ROAD- CHECK, a three-day ramp-up of truck and bus enforcement across North America, is sched- uled for June 5-7 and will focus on hours of service compliance.

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